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Award Winning Casting Director

Award Winning Casting Director

Lori S. Wyman, CSA, an accomplished Florida casting director, has cast some of the largest blockbuster movies, commercials and popular television series for the past 30 years. Her career began in the 1980's when she cast the Miami Vice television series starring Don Johnson. Since then, her roster of credits has steadily increased and the industry relies on her for casting for the largest film & TV projects in Florida, along with commercials and cutting edge independent films. Lori and her team continuously deliver above expectations with courtesy, communication and a love for the profession.

Lori Wyman Casting filled roles in the feature film entitled, War Dogs, starring Jonah Hill. Some of her other Florida movie projects include Dolphin Tale, Dolphin Tale 2, Marley and Me, Striptease, Rosewood and a host of other feature films, television series and award winning commercials. Lori Wyman Casting has cast for all of the major studios and networks including, Fox, Sony, Disney, Warner Bros, Paramount, Nickelodeon, HBO, Univision, Netflix, Starz, USA, ABC, NBC, CBS, Showtime, Universal and MGM.

Lori Wyman is a 2 time Artios Award winner for the popular television thriller Bloodline and the critically acclaimed HBO movie, Recount. She is also an Emmy Nominee for Recount.

Presently, we are casting The Right Stuff" for Nat Geo.

Casting Team

Casting Team

Lori Wyman and her casting associates are hardworking professionals who will get the job done with ease and efficiency. Get to know more about us, our history, and our love for what we do!


Lori Wyman Casting is defined by their incredible passion, organization, efficiency, and the ability to bring the director’s vision to life. Click here to learn more.
Casting Credits

Casting Credits

From film & TV, to Commercial & New Media, Lori Wyman Casting has cast a huge range of projects in both English and Spanish for some of the biggest networks and brands across the globe.

Featured Credits

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    • Jay Roach - Director - "RECOUNT" HBO Movie

      "I was determined to shoot all of RECOUNT in Florida. The LA casting directors and I had 100 speaking parts to cast in only a few short weeks, all of them key. Nearly impossible. Our only hope was to add a local casting director with great taste (who'd bring us only the best actors) with a fast, professional shop. We found everything and more in Lori Wyman Casting. Most importantly, I'm supremely proud of every performance in RECOUNT. We owe much of that to Lori.
      So grateful to you, Lori!"
    • Brian Hecker - Director - "Bart Got A Room"

      "Lori Wyman is not only a phenomenal casting director with great taste and awesome resources, she has this truly inspiring and magical quality about her that makes her clients feel comfortable, calm, and centered. Lori's attention to detail, sense of humor, open-mindedness, and tremendous dedication to the directors she works with makes the casting process a truly rewarding journey."
    • David Frankel - Director - "Marley and Me"

      "A superb casting director like Lori Wyman must have a director's eye for talent, a producer's stamina, and most of all, a love for actors. Lori also has another rare gift: the instinct to fill even the smallest role with the perfect actor. What she knows about acting and showbiz could fill a book - and now it has. For anyone interested in the craft of performance, in how to audition and get the part, and in how to prepare for a role, Lori Wyman's wisdom will prove invaluable."
    • Jay Roach - Director - "RECOUNT" HBO Movie
    • Brian Hecker - Director - "Bart Got A Room"
    • David Frankel - Director - "Marley and Me"

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